State pension rules change

The changes which came into force on 1st January 2022 may affect you if you are planning to move abroad at any time in the future and experts are worried not enough people are prepared. They are urging Britons to first check how this will affect their state pension before taking the plunge. The changes to the legislation could mean some people will receive less than they planned for, or even nothing at all.


To qualify for a full state pension, people need to have 35 qualifying years which requires them to have paid at least 10 years in National Insurance.


But UK residents who have already lived in Australia (before 1st March 2001), Canada or New Zealand are being urged to do their research before moving abroad as it could mean missing out on £179.60 a week. These citizens will not be able to count the time they spent abroad towards their state pension. It is thought this rule change could affect thousands of British citizens of state pension age, as well as some who are yet to retire. This change in rules comes at an already difficult time for expats and the government needs to lay our clear guidelines on the new state pension breakdown as we enter 2022.


On the Government website, the Department or Work and Pensions stated: “The change will affect you whether or not you have claimed your UK State Pension yet”. “Your UK State Pension will be calculated, or re-calculated if already in payment, using only your UK National Insurance record”.


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