Homing in: How to improve the lives of older renters in Scotland

Independent Age’s research shows that Scotland’s rented sector is not working for older people who live on low and fixed incomes. We found that over one third (34%) of older private renters have felt anxious about paying their rent and 28% have less than £200 disposable income per month after they pay rent. Half of older private renters live in fear of eviction, despite current temporary measures. Our research also found that there is a worrying low awareness of housing rights among older renters, with just 30% saying they feel fully informed. With 4 in 10 older private renters living in poverty, Independent Age believe there are steps that the Scottish Government can take to ensure older renters have affordable, secure and suitable housing. 

   Homing in: How to improve the lives of older renters in Scotland

Our report includes more information on our research and our full policy recommendations. We’d really appreciate anything you could do to share the findings on social media, you can see existing threads here:


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