Michael Kirby

Branch Membership Secretary


I stated my career in the Civil Service as a fresh-faced youth in 1974 at Heathrow Airport. I was employed by H.M. Customs & Excise, where I worked in the Preventive Teams at Terminal 1. In 1988 I transferred to Glasgow after meeting my future wife while on holiday in Ibiza.

In Glasgow I was assigned to the Anti-Smuggling teams where I worked on the Rummage Crew, searching vessels arriving in Ports all over Scotland, the Road Fuel Unit, checking for illegally imported rebated fuel and several spells at Glasgow Airport. There are some tales I could tell, but as I signed the Official Secrets Act, they will remain untold!

The Department underwent several changes, firstly merging with the Inland revenue to become Revenue & Customs, and then again with the Immigration Service to become The Border Force. In April 2011 I was given the chance to take early retirement and after Thirty-seven years’ service I didn’t hesitate.

I joined the CSPA in July 2012 and after receiving an invitation to come to a group meeting and I went along to see what it was about. After several years of attending group meetings, I was asked if I would be interested in becoming a member of the Branch Executive Committee.

After a while the position of Membership Secretary became available and I was offered the post, which I accepted. I was also offered the position of Glasgow Group Chair when Bob Flavill and his wife, Liz, announced that they were moving down South. I accepted that post as well.

I continue to enjoy working for and on behalf of the Scotland Branch members, alongside the other Branch Officers on behalf of, and for the benefit of all our Scottish members.