Cherry Dolan


I began my career in the Civil Service employed by the Inland Revenue in Southampton as long ago as 1977, where I worked in HM Inspector of Taxes, Southampton 1 district. The following year I moved back to Barnstaple in Devon, my home town.

Following that I transferred to Shipley in Yorkshire 1979 to 1983, then spent 2 years in London, followed by 2 in Telford before a further 5 years in London. I was then transferred to Nottingham until I came to Scotland (courtesy of my Scottish husband) in 1998.

In December 2009 I was given the chance to take early retirement and after thirty-two years’ service I did so, although I did return to work again for HM Revenue and Customs from 2013 to January of this year.

I joined the CSPA in early 2010 although I continued to work because I was impressed by the work the CSPA did to protect civil service pensions.

After a while the position of Branch Treasurer became available, was advertised, and I was offered the post, which I accepted. I applied for the post because I felt that my accountancy and bookkeeping training made me suitably qualified.

I continue to enjoy working for and on behalf of the Scotland Branch members, alongside the other Branch Officers on behalf of, and for the benefit of all our Scottish members. I would welcome hearing any ideas you may have about what the Branch can do for its members.