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Welcome to
West Fife Group



Copyright © CSPA Scottish Branch

 Meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month at the Civil Service Club, Rosyth. Meetings  starting at 10.30am, but tea and biscuits are available form 10.00am. Our Group administratively covers the following postcodes KY; AB; DD and PH

Please come along you will be made very welcome
For further details contact Betty Lees Group Secretary at Info@cspascotland.org.uk

Guest Speakers & Events   

  5th  January: New Year Festive Lunch
                                     Pitbauchlie House Hotel  1200 for 12.30
 2nd  February:  West Fife  Group  AGM

 2nd March: Preparation for CSPA (Scotland) AGM

 9th   March: CSPA (Scotland) AGM Stirling

 6th  April: Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy - Francesca Borghi

 4th May: Greener Kirkcaldy -  Bruce McCall
 16th  June Outing: Mellerstain House
 12th  July  Pitlochry Theatre : -  “High Society”
 10th  August Outing: Mystery Tour
 7th  September: The Western Isles -  Arthur Lloyd
 5th October:  Fife Health Board - Louise Ewing
 2nd  November:  Dunfermline from the 1800s - George Beattie
 7th December: Panto - Sleeping Beauty, Kings Theatre Glasgow
4th January 2018: New Year Festive Lunch
1st  February 2018: West Fife Group AGM

Contact Us

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