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Welcome to 
Edinburgh Group



Copyright © CSPA Scottish Branch

Contact Us

Edinburgh Group  Events

Thurs. 4th  May:  Speaker from National Trust - Newhailes  House


                       Thurs. 29th  June:  Outing to Malerstain.

                       Thurs. 27th July: Outing to Loch Lomond (including boat trip)

                       Thurs. 28th  September: Outing to Bowhill House.

Christmas Lunch - Bruntsfield Hotel, Edinburgh

 Thursday 14th December 2017

 Thursday  1st February 2018 : Edinburgh Group AGM - VENUE TO BE ADVISED.  


                 NOTE:  2 Weeks notice  is required  if any

                 Member of the Edinburgh Group  wish to

                 come to any  of above events for  catering


New members are always welcome

Muriel Haig

Group Secretary    

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