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  Welcome to the Scotland Branch web- site. The Branch is autonomous with its’ own constitution and represents CSPA members resident in Scotland. It also supports the aims of the CSPA Nationally. The Scotland Branch have representation on the National Executive Committee in London. The Scotland Branch campaigns, together with other like- minded pensioner groups, on matters devolved to the Scottish Parliament; such as Transport, Health Education and Justice. It also supports the national CSPA in campaigns on matters reserved to Westminster such as Civil Service Pensions, State Pensions and Benefits.  

 The Branch contributes regularly to the Pensioner magazine, and our Branch representative attends meetings of the National Executive, participating in decision making at a national level through their attendance at the National AGM held in October every year.

  The Scottish AGM is held in the Spring of each year, and the two
Groups - Glasgow and Edinburgh - meet regularly, where members attending these meetings are brought up to date on pensioner issues. Social activities are also arranged.

  The Scotland Branch works closely with the
Scottish Pensioners Forum as well as Age Scotland, and in the United Kingdom with the National Pensioners’ Convention and Age UK.

 Chairman - John McGiveron

  Membership Secretary - Michael Kirby
Scotland Branch
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NPC - A Decent State Pension for all Generations

Scotland Branch Constitution

Outreaching and Recruitment

 Portcullis House Glasgow

26th October 2017

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